What to Expect

When you first arrive at Thrive Pilates, you will come into the warm, inviting waiting area where you can leave your coat, shoes, etc. on a shelf or hang on a hook. If the class prior to yours is done, you're then welcome to go into the studio, find a reformer, and get settled in for class. We have 5 reformers and stability chairs so class size doesn't  exceed 5 students. That means, even in a full class you will receive lots of attention!

Classes run 50 minutes and begin with a warm up of stretching and breathing. Workouts vary to keep things interesting. We try to incorporate all the big muscle groups into each workout while focusing on building strength and increasing flexibility. 

We also make sure we move in flexion, extension, and lateral flexion and add rotation to keep our bodies mobile and maintain good range of motion in every day movement. You will be reminded to breath properly and of course have fun!

The Pilates reformer is a wonderful way to do all these things, and we look forward to seeing you in class at Thrive Pilates in Sioux Falls, SD.