About Thrive Pilates

Thrive Pilates Studio is located in the heart of Sioux Falls, SD. It is a comfortable studio with highly trained instructors that was founded by owner and trainer Tracy Nielsen in 2010. Since then, it has grown to include three additional trainers while keeping classes small and comfortable—so that you get all the benefits of individualized, personalized trainer attention with the benefits (and fun!) of group classes.


Our Story

Tracy was introduced to Pilates in 2001 at Avera McKennan Fitness Center and loved the reformer workouts from the start. It was the first workout that Tracy did that really helped her strengthen her core after having two C-sections—and she had barely scratched the surface of all that she could do for her body at that point. She loved it so much that she decided to get trained and certified so that she could teach a few hours per week. Little did she know that that decision would lead to her opening her own studio.

After five years at the Pilates Center of South Dakota, Tracy had an opportunity to open her own studio in the Sanford Wellness Center. She chose to name the studio Thrive because that's what she wants for herself and her clients—to not just exist or get through each day but to Thrive! Over the years, Thrive outgrew the space at Sanford and in 2014, moved to its current location, and the rest they say is history.

Why Thrive Pilates?

 We are a small studio independently owned and operated in the heart of Sioux Falls, SD, and we are motivated by connecting with our clients. We have clients that have been with us for over 10 years who have become part of our family. We know them well and look forward to seeing them each week.

As the number of studios and gyms has increased in Sioux Falls, our commitment to our clients remains the same. The currency in which we measure our success is by the number of people's lives we can positively impact, not the number of people we can sign up. You will never be just a number at Thrive; you will be a part of the Thrive family.

We do not require long-term contracts or memberships at Thrive Pilates. Class packages are designed to help the clients get the most for their money and pay only when they are in class.

Lastly, we strive to make Thrive Pilates an inviting, comfortable place. Our clients are not pressured to come dressed in the latest workout clothes - we invite you to come as you are and enjoy the benefits of Pilates at Thrive Pilates in Sioux Falls!